​Historic Properties Assistance Program (HPA)

The Historic Properties Assistance Program was created in recognition of the need to assist in the preservation of the many privately owned historic properties in Yukon.

This funding program preserves our heritage by making technical and financial assistance available to those who wish to undertake preservation, restoration, development and/or interpretation of their historic properties.


Am I eligible?

Individuals, community groups, societies, Yukon First Nations, municipalities and businesses are eligible.


How much funding can I get?

Each year, this program provides funding on a matching basis to applicants who own sites that are deemed historically significant, and whose work plans are in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

  • The HPA will provide up to 50% of eligible project costs per year per project.
  • Properties must be included in the Yukon Historic Sites Inventory and may be eligible for funding assistance up to $10,000 (dependent on available funds).
  • Properties that are designated as national, territorial or municipal historic sites may be eligible for funding assistance up to a maximum of $20,000 (dependent on available funds).

Funding limits are determined by annual approval and appropriation of funds for the program by the legislature and the Minister.


When is the deadline?

The application deadline is March 1 annually.  Please note: Complete applications will be reviewed first and given funding priority. Incomplete applications will be reviewed once all necessary information has been received, provided funding is still available.

We strongly recommend that applicants contact the Historic Sites Unit for assistance before submitting an application.


How do I apply?

We strongly recommend applicants consult our Historic Sites Officer for assistance with their application form and plans before submitting an application.

Contact information

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Administrative Assistant
Historic Sites
Cultural Services
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3rd Floor
204 Lambert Street
Whitehorse, YT
Tourism and Culture
800-661-0408 x5368
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P.O. Box 2703 (L-2)
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