​Report a fossil find

The public fossil collection has been made possible through the assistance the mining industry, First Nation governments and the Yukon public.

Reporting fossil discoveries is the first step in generating important research about our territory's biological and geological past.

The Yukon Palaeontology program manages and curates the territory's fossil resources and assists research on Yukon’s ancient life and environments. All fossils found on non-settlement land in Yukon are owned by the Government of Yukon. They are held in public trust so that they can be available for research and public interpretation.

To report a fossil contact:

Dr. Grant Zazula
Office: 867-667-8089
Cell: 867-332-8980
E-mail: grant.zazula@gov.yk.ca

To contact the Klondike field station

The Yukon Palaeontology program maintains a field monitoring station in the Klondike gold fields. If you find fossils, please contact the field station staff and they will come to your mine! The field station operates every summer, from the first week of June to the third week of September.

Elizabeth Hall
Office: 867-667-8880 (winter only)
Cell: 867-332-8981
E-mail: elizabeth.hall@gov.yk.ca