Develop a tourism business

Developing your idea

Whether you represent an organization that wants to undertake community tourism-development, or you are an entrepreneur starting or enhancing a tourism business, contact Tourism Yukon’s Industry Services unit to find out:

  • The tourism funding available in Yukon.
  • The opportunities to promote your business or destination.
  • Yukon's visitors - who they are and what they are looking for when they arrive.
  • How to package and price your product.
  • How to become market and/or travel trade ready.
  • The licenses and permits you may need.
  • The tourism training, workshops and resources are available to help you.
  • The processes are in place for accessing areas of Yukon to operate tours.

Generally, each inquiry can be unique and so, we encourage you to contact or call 867- 667-8723 and discuss your specific questions with the product development officer.


Researching your idea

How will you know if visitors will want the tourism experience you are developing? Will it fit their budget or travel expectations? How much time will they spend in Yukon and what else will they do when they are here? These are key questions you need to answer as you develop your tourism business or destination experiences.

To learn more check out Tourism Yukon's visitor research.