Economic impact of tourism

Tourism is a significant driver of Yukon’s economy. In recent years, tourism businesses in Yukon have reported growth in revenue attributable to tourism. As well, we have seen growth in the proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) attributed to tourism, an increase in jobs in the tourism industry, a growth of the labour market share, and increases in visitor spending.


Revenue and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) attributable to tourism

  • In 2014, $95.9 million, or 4%, of Yukon’s total GDP was attributable to tourism.
  • Yukon businesses attributed $226.9 million of their gross revenue in 2014 to tourism.

Read the full report on revenue and GDP attributable to tourism by downloading the 2015 Yukon Business Survey.


Jobs and average pay in the tourism industry

  • In 2015, there were approximately 3,500 jobs in tourism industries in Yukon, representing 13.5% of the territory's jobs.
  • The average compensation (pay and benefits) for Yukon tourism workers in 2015 was $19.06 per hour.
  • The total compensation (pay and benefits) paid to tourism workers was $108 million in 2015, an increase of $1.8 million, or 1.7% over 2014.

Visit the Yukon Bureau of Statistics for the full Tourism Employment report.


Visitor spending

  • In 2012/13, visitors to Yukon reported spending $180.5 million in Yukon.
  • Total summer spending in 2012 was $114 million.
  • Summer spending increased an average of 3.2% per year between 2004 to 2012.

To read the full reports on visitor spending while in Yukon, download the summer and winter Yukon Visitor Tracking Program reports. For more information, see the Yukon Visitor Tracking Program page.