​Explorer Quotient (EQ)

What is EQ?

The Explorer Quotient, or EQ, is a tool to help the tourism sector look at how visitors choose vacation experiences based on their personal and social beliefs.

Developed by Destination Canada, EQ, offers you a framework with which to consider the types of travellers that are attracted to your tourism business. EQ can help you target marketing and gain a better understanding of the experiences your visitors are seeking. EQ is changing the way travel experiences are developed, marketed and sold in Canada.


What type of traveller are you?

Take the EQ traveller quiz for insights into your own travel behaviours. Understanding what type of traveller you are can help you understand what motivates the different EQ traveller types.


Who is Tourism Yukon targeting?

Tourism Yukon is primarily targeting Authentic Experiencers and Cultural Explorers in our marketing activities. This strategy is based on the products and experiences available in Yukon and on the traveller types who visit most frequently and spend the most money on a visit in Yukon. Through niche initiatives, Tourism Yukon is also targeting Free Spirits and No Hassle Travellers.


EQ research in Yukon

Based on results from the 2012/13 Yukon Visitor Tracking Program, we developed EQ flat sheets to provide a snapshot of Canadian visitors to Yukon for our top EQ types. These show, at a glance, who Yukon's best Canadian visitors are, what they seek and avoid when travelling, and how you can better speak to them.

Make EQ work for your business

Whether you are a promoting or developing your business, product or community, it is important in today's competitive travel market to understand who is visiting Yukon, what they like to do and how they travel. Learn more about EQ and how to apply it to marketing and developing your tourism product.


Training opportunities

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