Arts and Culture

Cultural Services Branch consists of Yukon Archives, Arts, Museums, Historic Sites and Heritage Resources.

Arts in Yukon

Learn about arts funding, the Yukon Permanent Art Collection, and arts promotion and development projects in Yukon.

Historic Sites

Historic Sites Unit researches, preserves, manages, develops and provides interpretation of Yukon's historic sites and routes.

Museum services

Information on the funding, resources and services provided by the Museums unit.

Yukon Archaeology program

Learn about Yukon archaeology and find resources for archaeologists and land developers working near heritage sites.

Yukon Palaeontology program

Information, research and outreach for the Yukon palaeontology program.

Scientists and explorers licence

Information on how to apply to undertake scientific research in Yukon.

Yukon geographical place naming

Apply to name or change the names of Yukon geographical features.